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Truly Great Coffee
Tru North Cafe
A French Inspired, Mountain Café Born in a Global Pandemic

Trû North café is a warm little refuge nestled in the mountain village of Livingston, Montana. Here you will find an artistic décor that is cozy at the same time. We have the friendliest staff, surprising and delectable breakfast and lunch options and espresso creations that will knock your wool socks off!  But be warned, we are not fast food. If you are in a hurry, there is a McDonalds ½ mile away. At Trû North, we make everything to order and many of our favorite, original dishes include real Vermont maple syrup, Irish butter and 100 proof candied, bourbon bacon.  We go through a lot of bourbon. And some of it gets into the food!  But here is the real secret.  We make everything with passion and a whole latte love.  We love what we do.  And we think that you will too!

Mon - Fri 7:30 - 2:30
Sat 8:00 - 2:30 Sun 8:30 - 1:30


Dinner Thur - Sun 5:00 - 8:30
Kitchen closes 30 minutes before closing

Exquisitely original, artistic beverage creations that will make your lips quiver!

I tell all our guests that we have everything they can imagine in the coffee, tea and espresso department, and two or three things that they can’t.  I love it when they take the bait and ask me what those creations happen to be.  “Oh, so happy you asked, let me tell you about a drink that will absolutely change your life.  I know for a fact that it changed mine!”

Frozen Storm Cloud
Our Secret Weapon - The Maple Mountain Cloud! 
Maple Mountain Cloud

Ok, this drink idea came to me in a dream…I woke at 2am, jumped on my motorcycle (in my pajamas) and headed to the café to give this creation a try.  It quite honestly blew my mind and I think it may blow yours!  This is a progressive, layered beverage with the first layer being maple-infused organic whole milk, topped with two shots of dark, rich, locally roasted Yellowstone espresso – finally we top that with maple foamed milk and a rim of heavy cream.  No straws allowed. You have to get your nose wet to coax the subtly sweetened milk through the dark espresso, through the cloud of foam and heavy cream.  This drink will change your life.  But don’t take my word for it – check out the 100+ 5 star, Google reviews where people rave about this little dream!

Think Global - Eat Local 
Why local matters... Breakfast and Lunch every day of the week!

When I arrived in Livingston I spent two weeks walking the streets and introducing myself to everyone I would meet.  In addition to getting to know the friendly folks around town, I had the intention to find out what they wanted and needed in a local café.  I heard stories about a local favorite called Chadz that had been a successful, vibrant and artistic eatery and coffee house that had been sold the year before.  The locals seemed to really miss the tasty creations and the quirky community-oriented vibe. They talked endlessly about the friendly owner, Chad and how much they missed this warm gathering spot.  I learned that Montana loves bacon and beef and locally sourced, organic ingredients were important to almost everyone.  So that is what we decided to bring to the table.  I do all my own shopping – no Sysco frozen fare here, folks.  You will find me in the local markets hand selecting the meatiest bacon, the perfectly marbled Tri-Tip roast and fresh, gorgeous produce to make the tastiest creations you can find in town.  I may be biased.  But I believe every detail matters.  And you will taste the difference!   Sweet Lord, if you don’t try our gorgeous, Avocado Toast on locally baked sourdough, with arugula, 100 proof – candied bourbon bacon and farm fresh eggs – you are missing something truly great.  Don’t make that mistake.  Order yours today!!   

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